CARPRO, avtoelektronika, tehnološki razvoj in trgovina

We offer professional chip tuning services as specified and agreed to according to our customers’ wishes, our services are intended for connoisseurs who can specify the desired results.

Unlike other tuners, we focus on unique high-quality optimization of engine electronics for drivers or vehicle owners who know what they want to achieve in terms of performance optimization.

Our tuning garage attracts customers who are familiar the basics of engine operation and who know what our modifications aim to achieve. We also accept new clients who are referred to us by our present customers. We do not do generic or universal tuning.

Our services are unique. We do all modifications ourselves, we do not perform generic or universal tuning, we see each vehicle as a unicum that leaves our garage with unique power and torque curves!

Based on years-long experience and numerous innovations, we produced and patented our own chip tuning tools at the European Patent Office. Our tools are valued and recognised the world over.

We are passionate about research and product development, our work gives us a great pleasure. Our honest business practices and fair play enable us to collaborate with many institutions and companies.

We share our knowledge and are thus able to acquire knowledge in return.